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This morning, my friend Tricia and I went for another ten (actually 11.6) mile bike ride. We left before most people were on the road and had a great time (we even had to hit the brakes for a family of geese and their gosling-teenagers on the trail.) I got home in time for my husband to leave on his bike with a friend to work. However, I rode either a little too fast or it was a little too early (or both), and had to pull over after about 7 miles so I didn’t get sick. We hung out for a bit, and she didn’t even make fun of me! Now that’s a great friend, we run together, bike together, quilt together, hang out at the pool together (I’ll get her swimming laps one of these years)! I guess my body needs more than a week of getting up before 6 to exercise before it kicks into gear. I’m secretly glad that I haven’t fallen off the wagon as far as the swimming and biking goes. Since I’m doing a 5k in 2 weeks with another friend, I guess I shouldn’t completely fall off that wagon either.

Today I was back to normal, no poetic musings about the world were swirling around in my head. I DID help the same friend with a really cool father’s day gift for her husband, which I will show later, as well as worked on a father’s day project of my own. And then I got tired. And grumpy. And frustrated with circumstances out of my control. So we hit the pool, for 2.5 hours. Which of course tired me out even more, but also tired my kids out. :) We were relaxed and splashed around and my son jumped in about 87 times. Its pretty fun to watch him getting independent in the water, except when he tries to be a little bit too independent. He learned to float for 10 seconds on his back and he decided he wanted to learn to backstroke at the same time. He spluttered and smiled and we laughed. We also hit McDonalds for a small coke (I was desperate for something, anything to ward off my headache) and chicken nuggets (he decided he was desperate, too.) I raided my parking meter jar since my wallet was at home, only to discover I only had dimes, nickels, and pennies. Felt pretty cool handing over $2.18 (or whatever) in small coins. Hurrah for the pool, it saved the day. I’m expecting there will be a lot more of that going on this summer…

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