Newport, Rhode Island Revisited // Great Outdoors

A few weeks ago we took the train to Newport, Rhode Island. If you are ever anywhere in the area, I highly recommend spending a few days there.  The hydrangeas were in bloom literally everywhere, the harbor was beautiful (we planned to go on a boat tour, until I mentioned that one of the places the boat passes was called Goat Island. Once we realized there weren’t any goats there, it was pretty much over. We went to a local organic farm/petting zoo instead. It was kind of a bummer, but since my husband was in meetings all day, I decided it would make everyone happier if we ditched the harbor tour and spent time with the goats. Plus, then we got to have an awful awful–an ice milk shake at the local creamery–for lunch. Or at least dessert), we found a treasure trove of snails on a rainy morning walk along the Cliff Walk, and enjoyed the California-style beaches with their shallow waves and fine grain sand. We toured a mansion that put the “gilded” in Gilded Age, and learned a bit more about Alva Vanderbilt–what a fascinating woman. We were only abot to drive by the rest of the famous mansions. One tour was enough for the little ones (and possible one of the older ones as well.)  I would go back in a heartbeat. So would Mr. L.

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