Farewell, Friend, or Summer is Over

summer, sad, is gone
splash, jump, dive, laugh, bask, sun, play
routine and school, sigh
It may not be the best haiku you have ever read, but hopefully its not the worst either :) Luckily for me, I found a vestige of summer on my front porch. Ah. Strawberries. And I still have a pineapple growing in my front yard, so that is something. My son is waterlogged and tired of the pool, and I can understand, although it was sad when I realized I had to pack my swim bag away for 9 months. We made new friends this year. In the past, I’ve often been lucky to have at least one friend join the pool with me. This year, due to the economy and broken arms and month long vacations in the west, (and my “its cheaper than preschool” argument not quite working, yet…) we made new friends at the pool. Instead of Brooke and Kristen and Tricia and Tiffany, it has been Nancy and Judy and Loretta and Barbara. We have traded moms with kids for retired women, who have loved my kids and given me tips as a mom. While I hope my friends come back next year (hint, hint, hint), we have had a really enjoyable time at the pool. Its a good thing, since we were there almost every day. We branched out a bit and I’m so glad we did.
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