Favorites at International Quilt Market

Katie2%2520041Walking the 2200 or so booths at Quilt Market is an exercise in sensory overload. It is virtually impossible to do it all in one day, your head kind of gets to the point where you think it is going to explode, mostly in a good way.  Even if you think you have walked every single aisle, there are things you will miss.  For example, Denyse Schmidt. I had no idea that she was at market, which is probably a good thing, or I totally would have geeked out and gone into fan mode. I’m not sure there is anyone else in the industry that would happen with, and in fact, it has only ever really happened (the uncontrollable I-am-so-excited-that-I-just-ran-into-Jennifer-Garner-and-her family-in-Savannah-leaving-her-brother-in-law’s-wedding-and-there-is-no-one-else-in-sight-and-oh-my-what-am-I-wearing-and, well, yep, I-almost-just-said-“Hi Sydney [Bristow]”-and-my-heart-is-beating-so-fast-I-think-I’m-going-to-be-sick) once in my life. So, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t see her :)

I thought I would quickly share a few of my very favorite things, in no particular order.

AMH's booth
Anna Maria Horner is a genius, in my mind, and not just with fabric. She is always searching for something new, and is able to nudge/push the industry in that direction.  Case in point? Voiles and laminated cottons.  This time? Quilts made out of velveteen, check. Renaissance ribbons that are gorgeous, check. Needlepoint canvas, check. Crewel, check. Pintucked voile quilts, check. I could live in her booth.
Perhaps my favorite fabric line is Summersville, by Lu Summers. Different, beautiful, love.
Carolyn Friedlander
I felt like Carolyn Freidlander’s patterns were my “find” of market. Modern, paper-pieced patterns.
The flooring in Jenean Morrison’s booth was incredible. Her booth won a “creativity” award. Well deserved, I thought.
Modernology by Art Gallery Fabrics
And finally, Modernology by Art Gallery. I think Art Gallery’s booth is on to something in the color trends department. And that’s all! I have a ton of snapshots in my flickr photostream, if you are interested in seeing more.
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