Holiday Wrap-Up

Christmas Outings in Salt Lake

I am currently baking more cookies than I would care to count, so I thought I’d write a bit between batches. Thank goodness for a convection oven.

We had a marvelous holiday in Salt Lake, and got to have two Christmas parties, one with each family. My husband and I are both the oldest of 5; we were lucky to visit with our parents, my grandparents, and 6 of our siblings & their families. We also had a blast with my husband’s cousins and their kids. Wild. Crazy. Fun. I miss that, living so far away. Thanks, everyone, for a happy, mostly healthy, relaxing trip filled with visits to the Lights at Temple Square, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (reminded me of White House decorations, it was exquisite. The live pianist didn’t hurt), skiing lessons for my son, too many good meals to count, gingerbread houses, decorating sugar cookies, gift exchanges, raucous games, snuggling of new babies, and lots of love. We have even had a few days around here to unpack, straighten, and plan for the new year (ha!)

Some Christmas Sewing I did a lot more holiday sewing than I thought I had. Drumroll. I even finished one of my oldest projects, Christmas stockings! Or rather, I finished 3 of 4. Hm. Better get on that. Christmas sewing by the numbers…It looks like a lot more than it felt like. My family and I also received some killer handmade gifts, but that is a post for another day.

 2 Aprons (with 2 cut out for my kids that didn’t get finished. Or started)
3 pouches (made more exciting with ruffle fabric, chocolate, or gift cards inside)
1 voile/flannel blanket (& 1 more that is currently lost somewhere “special” in my house)
A gazillion of Jeni’s bags
My Single Girl Wreath
4 thread catchers (2 photographed)
5 bike tool rolls

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  1. Posted January 5, 2012 at 7:44 am | Permalink

    Love reading your blog! Just a quick question-saw a ref to a bike tool roll… We could use some in our family too. I tried to find a pic of one on your blog somewhere, but no luck- any chance you have a picture or even a tutorial…! I’d love to make one for my son who’s about to go away to University in NZ so won’t have access to our tools.

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