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swimbikequilt pinterest rainbow board

Rainbow Pinterest Board –swimbikequilt

Even though I have done almost zero sewing since February, I still like to plan out projects, sometimes on paper, sometimes just in my head. Does anyone else do that?

Triangles Mini Quilt swimbikequilt

Anyway, you might have recently seen Megan’s  giveaway/hashtag #sewtherainbow on Instagram.  I loved looking through the hashtag at all of the great rainbow quilts, and now I have rainbow quilts ON THE BRAIN! Before I started writing this post, I thought I had never made a bona fide rainbow quilt (which in my opinion has to include purple.) While I was looking through my Quilts archive, I realized I made a rainbow triangle mini in 2011, but that hardly counts, right?

I have slowly checked a few classic quilty bucket list quilts off of my list over the years–the improv squares quilt, the wonky star quilt, improv strips, the plus quilt, the sampler quilt, etc. (photos below)  Besides a rainbow quilt, I’d love to work with hexagons and make another all voile quilt. Someday.

What is on your quilty bucket list? 

improv squares swimbikequilt

Improv Squares (in Denyse Schmidt fabrics no less!)


Wonky Stars


Improv Strips

Plus quilt swimbikequilt

Plus Quilt

Summer Sampler Series Quilt

Sampler Quilt





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