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After a year long hiatus, please join me in celebrating YOUR vintage quilts! Last year, I wrote 12 posts as part of a series I called Vintage Quilt Sundays. Today I am back and have some really great quilts and stories to share with you over the next few months.

I wanted to start with an especially beautiful quilt, sent to me by Kathy Dryburgh.

This is a quilt made by my great- grandmother almost 100 years ago.  There is an extra point in the Lone Star pattern and don’t know why. When I was little, I used to sit with her in her bedroom as she quilted on her frame. She would tell me stories of growing up in the mountains of PA. She died at age 97. I was 22 and expecting our first child. I made myself maternity tops, and she hemmed them. Her stitches were perfect.

Lone Star Vintage Quilt

Does anyone have an ideas of why this particular quilt would have an extra point? I have always liked the extra little chevron shape every few diamonds, radiating from the center of the lone star. I also liked the diamond border at the bottom. Thank you so much for sharing, Kathy.

About Vintage Quilt Sundays:

If you are interested in sharing a favorite vintage quilt (and a story behind it if you have one), please send me an email at swimbikequilt at gmail dot com and attach a picture of the quilt/sketch of the story. I would love to ask a few questions about the quilt, and of course, I won’t share any photos you send without your written permission. You can also send me an email through the contact me button/envelope. located on my sidebar to the right.

Quilt Photographs: Please take clear, well lighted photos of your quilts. Please include a full shot, as well as 1-4 detail or styled shots. Quilt usually photograph best in natural light–outside on an overcast day, or in a room with lots of natural light (and during the day) thanks! 

If you know of someone who has a great quilt they might be willing to share photos of, please send me an email as well and I can contact them. Quilts can be appliqued, pieced, embroidered, etc., and don’t have to be “family” quilts.


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  1. Posted April 29, 2015 at 8:45 pm | Permalink

    Maybe the extra point is due to a family thing? As in so many brothers, sisters, etc. Either way it’s a lovely story.

  2. kaholly
    Posted May 20, 2015 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    Nice story! I have a quilt top pieced by my great, great grandmother, and I cherish it.

  3. Posted October 16, 2015 at 5:16 am | Permalink

    Lovely quilt! The 9 points make it extra special.
    I think this star has 9 points because the diamonds have an sharp angle of 40°. With 40° diamonds you´ll get a star with 9 Points, with the “regular” 45° diamonds you´ll get a star with 8 points.

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