Hello friends! I’m  so excited to share my new pattern shop with you today. It has been a long time coming, and is definitely a collaborative effort (photographer, graphic designer, babysitter, advice giving friends, patient family, and me). I’ve spent so many hours over the past few months writing patterns, getting patterns edited, building this shop, and working/staring at the computer screen.

This is what the shop interface looks like. It is pretty user friendly, pdf patterns are emailed to you immediately, anywhere in the world. (Note: EU Customers can purchase from my etsy shop).

Click on this link or the image below to go to the shop

I can’t wait to just sit down and sew again, without the computer.  I’ve had such a creative block recently, but after my shop launched this morning, I went down to my clean (gasp! the sign of a creative block for sure) sewing room and sewed some scraps together, just for fun.

How do you clear a creative block? Does finishing a big project (even if it isn’t sewing related) help? 

Here are a few things I like to try when I’m just not feeling creative:

  • make a list of 3 tasks that need to be completed; unload the dishwasher, write a thank you note, go grocery shopping, etc. Once they are completed, give myself “permission” to spend 20 minutes sewing something, just for fun
  • pull out an older project; rearrange the blocks, add a new color, or decide to give it away
  • take a break, and get outside, it doesn’t matter if it is going on a walk in your neighborhood or snowshoeing in the Wasatch mountains (my favorite this winter)
  • read a book; sometimes reading can kickstart creativity

what about you? what do you like to do to push past the “i’m not feeling creative” moments/days/weeks?

p.s. i’m launching an email newsletter. I’ll talk about it more later this week, along with my other new patterns, but wanted to mention it here first. I plan to send it twice a month, and I’m gearing it towards sharing articles, patterns, and links I love, with a special emphasis on tips and helps for starting *and* finishing quilts!

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The calendar on my wall (from last year) assures me that it is January 9, but I have trouble believing it.

Happy new year, friends! The last month or so have been full of planning and prepping and partying and visiting and eating (and eating) and skiing and snow shoeing. I was even brave enough to try a few blue ski runs (picture above is at Alta, right on the Alta/Snowbird line. The mountain in the background is the backside of Timpanogas. It was the most beautiful day, and it was just my husband and me. Merry Christmas to us).


My daughter and I made a pillow for her aunt (I helped with cutting and trimming and quilting, she did the rest!), but that was about the extent of the handmade in December. Except, I finished of 6 or so spools of thread finishing up projects here and there, so I must have made more than I am remembering.

My daughter and I also finished her quilt top (its giant–almost 80-90) from the #notyourmamasbee. We call this the #polkadotrainbowquilt. We made about 30 blocks (for a total of 42. We used 5” squares, the entire quilt is made of polka dots, and the blocks measure 14.5” unfinished), and the quilt will have minky on the back and is at Nicole’s house to be quilted right now (@kwilter100).

It seems to snow here all day, every day. Or at least weekly. I learned that practically everyone I know has snowshoes, so I jumped on the bandwagon. The baby is usually happy, until she gets cold. I’ve ordered some super duper warm base layers, so we will see if that helps.

I have finished 2 more quilt patterns, which I will be sharing soon, so check back later this week!

Happy new year.

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portland-square-quilt-pattern-coverI am so happy to release this pattern today! I’ve been working on these quilts and patterns on and off for a *really* long time, so it has been so good to finally publish them and introduce them!

Purchase Info:

My Pattern Shop

Available in my Craftsy Store

Available for EU purchasers here


This is the Portland Square Quilt Pattern, a digital PDF pattern available in two sizes:  lap quilt (54” x 54”) and throw quilt (78” x 84”).

Charm pack and jelly roll friendly, as well as instructions for using yardage and scraps.portland-square-quilt-pattern-2

It is easily customizable, you could decrease or increase the number of blocks to make any size–this is my queen size quilt version, made out of Flea Market Fancy (FMF) fabrics.

I started working on it years ago, and finally finished it this summer (quilted by Nicole Christofferson @kwilter100). For any fellow fabric obsessors, when FMF was hard to find, I once dreamed of binding a quilt in these gray seeds. Feels so silly now, but I did it anyway, once the reprint came out a few years ago!


Pre-cut friendly, this quilt can be made with a jelly roll, charm packs, or yardage/scraps.

It looks great with solids, prints, or a combination of the two.

This 14 page pattern has clear instructions, full color illustrations, and coloring pages to help plan your quilt.

It is available on my website, my craftsy store, and EU customers: please see my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SwimBikeQuilt?ref=hdr_shop_men portland-square-quilt-pattern-bed
Acknowledgements: Cover shots by Ellie Cox (@elliecoxphoto), styling by Evalyn Coleman, and quilting on the queen size quilt by Nicole Christofferson (@kwilter100).


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I have 2 new digital pdf quilt patterns for sale! I’m so excited to be releasing the Liberty Park Picnic Quilt and The Super Star Quilt. 

The patterns will usually be $10 each; I’m running a launch/small business Saturday/cyber Monday 30% off sale– discount is reflected in the list price. The price will return to the normal $10 on Tuesday am.


Both quilts come in 2 sizes and are fat quarter friendly. The Liberty Park Picnic Quilt is especially great for those large print, fat quarters you love but aren’t sure how to use!


The quilt patterns are 9 and 7 pages, respectively. There are full color diagrams, a coloring page, and 4 alternate colorings for each quilt, which is one of my favorite parts!


Additional details are shown on the listing page. You can purchase them via my pattern shop on my Pattern Shop, my Craftsy shop, and for customers in the EU, my Etsy Shop.

Thanks so much!

Acknowledgements: Cover shots by Ellie Cox (@elliecoxphoto), styling by Evalyn Coleman, and quilting on the Liberty Park Picnic Quilt by Abby Latimer (@alatimer).

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