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If you are part of my newsletter, you have already heard a little about Pattern Drop, my new digital pattern of the month club!  Today is our official pre-sale launch day [thanks to those of you who have already subscribed!!!], and our first pattern, Hopscotch, designed by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter, launches on Wednesday, December 6, 2017!

Hopscotch Quilt_Pattern Drop

Photos by Ellie Cox

Pattern Drop is a digital pattern of the month club, and we have so many exciting things planned for it!  We are licensing existing quilt patterns and commissioning new patterns, available only to subscribers.  We also have monthly partners who offer exclusive discounts, a Facebook group for annual subscribers to answer questions, interact with quilters and designers, and offer inspiration, quarterly quilt alongs, and more!Hopscotch Quilt_Pattern Drop_Detail Shot

[the December quilt features the navy prints from Blue Carolina, a new line for Riley Blake by @the_tattooed_quilter ]

Use coupon code 2FREESBQ for 2 free months when you sign up for an Annual Membership. You already get 2 free months when you choose an annual membership, so that is actually 4 free months. The best part about the discount? It is a forever discount, meaning each year you renew, you get the same, low, introductory rate. A little gift from me, to you. But hurry–this offer expires on December 5 (the day before the launch), and won’t be repeated once Pattern Drop is up and running.

Want to know more? The website is super user friendly, with simple pricing, and it is just beautiful [I didn’t design it, so I can say that!]

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 11.15.20 PM

We have gift subscriptions available, too, just in time for the holidays.

We are excited to share helpful, relevant, and beautiful photos and information on Instagram: Follow us @patterndrop. [Use our hashtag #patterndrop–if we repost your photo, you get a free month added to your subscription!

We have a Facebook page, and group for annual members!

You can stay up to date on upcoming pattern releases, special offers, and exclusive features, even if you’re not ready to join.

Pattern Drop_Sugarhouse Quilt Styled

[sneak peek of our January Quilt, exclusively for Pattern Drop subscribers, designed by me!]

Want to learn more? Head over here:

Pattern Drop Website

Welcome to Pattern Drop

Introducing the December Quilt Pattern

Thanks so much for reading along!

There is so much information to share–let me know if you have any questions, and don’t forget to check it out!

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Plan, Make, and Share with Pattern Drop! #patterndrop

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Norah's flying geese-2

Tada! Norah (and I, let’s be honest) finished her quilt top! This summer, she participated participated in a Kids Quilt Round Robin Bee.  She had a great time sewing for the other kids–either 10” x 40” row blocks (like her flying geese), or 20” x 20” blocks (like the star blocks).

Today, many of the participants are sharing their finished tops, or even finished quilts. Way to go kids! My kids have taken sewing lessons over the past year or two, sewn with their grandmas and cousins, and even have a special sewing desk and machine in my sewing room. I try to have an open door [and scrap bin] policy, and most of the time it works out great. If I’m working on a deadline, then my studio is closed.
20'' unicorn block
I’ve written a bit about sewing with kids, and I think the biggest piece of advice I can give is this: Keep it simple, keep it achievable. For my kids, it is much easier for them when the scope of the project is small, or when steps build on themselves.  10” flying geese was something that she could visualize and could do on her own. Win, win! And, when possible, have someone else teach your own kids the basics. Maybe it is just me, but frustration levels can be high for everyone!

If you are interested in sewing with kids, check out my 10 Tips for Sewing with Kids post. Lots of good stuff there :)

And a special thank you to Sarah Goer and Sarah Nunes for inviting Norah and I to participate, for organizing the round robin, and for keeping us all on track (and being forgiving of the chronic late-mailers)

Make sure to check out the other quilts!!
G & R of @sarahgoerquilts
A & C of @berrybarndesigns
Norah of @swimbikequilt
Z of @astrangerview
Caitlyn of @tiffanybaxter
Sophie of @thefeltedpear

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Epic Summer Sampler


I never thought I would love making samplers quite as much as I do (my Summer Sampler 2017 is finished, I need to share photos here). When Faith put together this Mega Sampler mockup, Lee and I decided we *had* to make it. It is a generous King sized quilt, and I need a quilt for my new bed, so… hurray! And like Lee said, I’m feeling a little lost without a regular weekly block to make.  Surprisingly, I think I’m going to try to make the quilt exactly as Faith mocked it up. I can never follow patterns, even my own, but this quilt is so stunning, I’m going to go for it.

Lee and I would love to have you join us! Or at least follow along with our insanity.

Because Lee said it so well, I am sharing her words below.  These are her blocks–aren’t they incredible!!?? [Check out her post here]

Lee's Mega Sampler Blocks

“This mock-up is EVERY SUMMER SAMPLER BLOCK that LeeFaith, and I have put out, over the course of three Summer Sampler patterns—2011 (the original quilt-along), 2016, and 2017. It’s 49 blocks in all! When I saw them all together like this, I knew I needed to do it.

And so we are: One block a week. Who’s in?

Hopefully most of you already have the Summer Sampler patterns! If not, they are available here. And for a limited time, if you order two or more Summer Sampler patterns, we’ll give you $5 off. Just enter the promo code “MEGA” at check-out. (Please note that the 2011 blocks are also available for free in blog posts—click here for links to all the posts—or you can purchase the 2011 blocks in one convenient PDF.)

My plan is to just post the blocks as I finish them on my Instagram feed, which you can follow hereInstagram feed, which you can follow here. I’m starting the week of Oct. 16—the schedule for the first several months is below. I’ll be posting my blocks under the #megaquiltalong hashtag and I hope you will too! You can also post your blocks in the Summer Sampler Facebook groups (the Facebook groups are available to verified pattern purchasers only), and I’m sure I’ll be updating you on my progress here occasionally as well.” ~Lee

I can’t wait to get started. Today is the Week 3, and the blocks so far are super simple. You can definitely start if you haven’t yet!!!

(The first several months of it, anyway.)

Week of Oct. 16
Star of Virginia (by Katie Blakesley, Swim Bike Quilt)
Summer Sampler 2011, Block 1

Week of Oct. 23
Turkey Vulture (by AnneMarie Chany, Gen X Quilters)
Summer Sampler 2016, Block 1

Week of Oct. 30
Millcreek Star (by Katie Blakesley, Swim Bike Quilt)
Summer Sampler 2017, Block 1

Week of Nov. 6
Greek Cross (by Faith Jones, Fresh Lemons Quilts)
Summer Sampler 2011, Block 2

Week of Nov. 13
Summer Slice (by Allison Harris, Cluck Cluck Sew)
Summer Sampler 2016, Block 2

Week of Nov. 20
Tilted Star (by Karen Lewis, Karen Lewis Textiles)
Summer Sampler 2017, Block 2

Week of Nov. 27
Mosaic (by Lee Heinrich, Freshly Pieced)
Summer Sampler 2011, Block 3

Week of Dec. 4
Snow Cone (by Nicole Daksiewicz, Modern Handcraft)
Summer Sampler 2016, Block 3

Week of Dec. 11
Celestial Star (by Holly DeGroot, Bijou Lovely)
Summer Sampler 2017, Block 3

Week of Dec. 18
Flower Garden Path (by Katie Blakesley, Swim Bike Quilt)
Summer Sampler 2011, Block 4

Week of Jan. 1, 2018
X Spot (by Faith Jones, Fresh Lemons Quilts)
Summer Sampler 2016, Block 4

Week of Jan. 8
Rosetta Star (by Lee Heinrich, Freshly Pieced)
Summer Sampler 2017, Block 4

Week of Jan. 15
Star Block (by Faith Jones, Fresh Lemons Quilts)
Summer Sampler 2011, Block 5

Week of Jan. 22
Sugarhouse (by Katie Blakesley, Swim Bike Quilt)
Summer Sampler 2016, Block 5

Week of Jan. 29
Alchemy (by AnneMarie Chany, Gen X Quilters)
Summer Sampler 2017, Block 5

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Spiced Chai Fabric Choices
Welcome to the first week of the Spiced Chai Quilt Along! [Don’t worry, I actually have finished my Summer Sampler 2017 quilt, I just haven’t posted photos of it yet. Possibly because I just finished it yesterday!] Grab your copy of Vintage Quilt Revival, and let’s get started!

Spiced Chai Quilt Along Schedule

I know this seems like a pretty ambitious schedule–the good news is–the quilt is simple to piece.  Additionally, if you want to move faster or slower, that is perfectly fine!

Also–join the Facebook group! Easy way to keep up with what everyone is doing :)


Gather fabric, cut out the blocks, + make the mega block

Mega Block spiced chai quilt

This week, we are gathering/purchasing fabric, cutting out the quilt, and piecing the mega block. I usually make 1 test block before I cut out all of the blocks, to make sure I like the fabric, etc. If making test blocks is your style, then do that before cutting out the entire quilt.

Make the mega block this week, too. This is the colorful block pictured above, which is made up of 4 Tea Leaf blocks and a large white square.

I also like to make the binding at this step. It is purely psychological, but I find I have less lag time between quilting and binding if I pre-make the binding.

Check out Instagram for Updates–@swimbikequilt + #spicedchaiquiltalong

Spiced Chai Quilt AlongThis quilt along will be mostly Instagram based, so make sure to follow along @swimbikequilt, and also with the hashtag #spicedchaiquiltalong. If you post photos of your own quilt along progress, whether that is photos of pretty fabric stacks, in progress blocks, shots of your design wall/floor/table, photos of your quilt top, and/or the finished quilt, please tag me @swimbikequilt and use the hashtag! It is so much easier to follow along with everyone’s progress that way, and provides the fun, interactive part of the sew along!

My fabric choices

Spiced Chai Background ChoicesI am using prints from Denyse Schmidt’s new Washington Depot line–lots of quilt shops still have it, and it is similar in color and feel to Chicopee, also by Schmidt, which I used in the original Spiced Chai Quilt.  I didn’t have quite enough fabric in the remnant bundle of Washington Depot that I purchased, so I’m adding in some prints from Florence, an earlier line.

SpicedChaiKatieQuiltI am also going to switch things up. In my original quilt, the “mega block” was prints and the background blocks were various shades of gray. This time, I’m going to use colorful prints for the background blocks, and the mega block will be gray or black.

I can’t decide if I’m going to use white or some of the Washington Depot low volume prints for my background. What do you think?

Pattern is in Vintage Quilt Revival [for sale here]

VintageQuiltRevivalThe Spiced Chai quilt pattern is found in Vintage Quilt Revival--I have a few signed copies in my shop ($19.99 + free US Shipping) if you still need a copy. 

Invite your friends to quilt along with us, and happy sewing!



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