IMG 9180 e1416021692809 1024x1024 Favorite Things: Quick Sews for Baby

About a week before our baby was born, I had a sudden desire to  I wasn’t feeling well enough to do that, of course, but I decided I could finish a few small sewing projects. And so I did. A single flannel bib. A wet bag/zip pouch.  A double sided knit blanket (I just had to finish hand stitching the binding). A hemmed Nani Iro double gauze (single layer) blanket.

IMG 9103 2 768x1024 Favorite Things: Quick Sews for BabyMy kids wanted to make something for baby, too, so they each made 1 burp cloth. Sewing with kids requires both patience and energy–I’m glad I spent the time (on one of their many days off this month) to teach them a bit more about sewing. My son did his entirely on his own, even the decorative top stitching.  They were so happy to bring their burp cloths to the hospital.

I figured I have plenty of time to sew matching dresses, and make a Liberty quilt, and all of the other fun baby projects that are swirling around in my head late at night… right?

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Baby Ellie b and w 1024x768 Favorite Things: New baby!

I’m thrilled to share that baby Ellie was born on Friday, November 7. She was 7lbs, 7 oz and 21.5”.  I can’t believe that she is a week old! We are thrilled that she is healthy, happy, mostly calm, snuggly, extraordinary beloved, and of course, the cutest baby you have ever seen.  :) I’m also glad the delivery is behind us and I am healing pretty well.

My big kids couldn’t be happier. I feel almost embarrassed at how much we all just adore her, but then I just think how lucky we all are, how grateful we are she is here, and how happy we ALL are that I’m no longer pregnant and sick. In fact, everyone’s biggest complaint seems to be that they don’t get enough time to hold Ellie. Its definitely a good problem to have.

Thanks for all of your well wishes, in the past and with her birth. I’m not sure if its relief, or hormones, or teetering on the brink of exhaustion, but I feel like our joy is complete.  I don’t know if I have ever felt that way before, so I’m just going to sit back and savor it.

Happy weekend, friends.

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IMG 8732 768x1024 Favorite Things: Family

With any luck, our little family of 4 will become a family of 5 sometime today. I’m excited and nervous (and writing this the week before, don’t worry. I’m not blogging from the hospital). We are so happy to be at the end of this pregnancy journey–everyone has definitely grown and suffered and been stretched and hopefully become better versions of ourselves. At least, these three have. I’m not sure about me.  (Ugh. Hyperemesis).

This picture was taken mid-October on my son’s baptism day. 8 is the exciting age for baptism for members of the LDS Church, and I doubt there has ever been a happier, more enthusiastic 8 year old in all the land. We sometimes laugh (but are mostly serious) that if we make it to heaven, it will be because of him. He is kind and thoughtful and enthusiastic and serious, and can run and jump and hoot and holler with the best of them. He has read more bedtime stories to his sister, and helped keep her engaged in activities so I can rest, more times than I can count. He has had to grow up a lot, and I’m so grateful for him.

She has been my little buddy for months and months. She makes me laugh and makes me cry and doesn’t pull punches when talking about how my body has changed! Last week she said, “Man. Aren’t you lucky to have me as an all the time buddy? What if it was just you and baby? Crying baby? You would have no one to talk to all day.” So true. She is confident and carefree, smart and tenacious, always has a project going with paper and tape and glue, and has a softer side that surprises me sometimes.

My husband has been a rock. It hasn’t been particularly easy for any of us. I love him. And we are both looking forward to many happy, vomit-free days in our future.

I’ve had so much help. My mom has lived with us for months at a time, being mom and grandma, and doing so with ease. Each of my sisters has come to take care of me and the kids at least once. I’ve received so many texts, notes, prayers, and love from family members and friends all over. (And did you see the beautiful quilt I got last week?)

Thank you, everyone.  Thanks for being patient with me, everyone, and for reading this post that is much more mommy-blog-appropriate than I normally post.  And as a bonus–no more countdown posts on Facebook/Instagram. Happy November 7!




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IMG 87481 630x1024 Sewn: An Arizona Dress

Every little girl needs four Geranium dresses, right? The impressive part is that there are enough little options in the pattern–neckline, sleeves, etc., that each of the four versions are different! They don’t look like the *exact same dress.* Success!

My mom made this one in the spring out of Arizona fabric from April Rhodes. One thing I have learned from my mom–it is worth the extra time to hand sew the lining of the dress down, or finish the hem by hand. You can certainly make this entire dress by machine, but I love the precision of hand work. (Or at least, the precision of her hand work). Thanks, mom! And my daughter surprised me by saying she wants to match her little sister sometimes, so I think there might be *matching* Geranium dresses in my future!!! Unless of course my mom wants to make them, and then I will say, “yes, please!” (Rae has a free Little Geranium Dress pattern here. Score!)

Geranium #1
Geranium #2
Geranium #3


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